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Code: GA803
 Amino Acids 
Men's Supplements
120 vegetarian capsules £21.00
200g powder £28.00

Description: This supplement is a formula containing all 20 amino acids used by the human body, including the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t synthesise. The amino acids in our full spectrum supplements are all in a free form crystalline state. The value of free form amino acids is that they do not require digestion. This allows the amino acids to be delivered into the body much faster. Free form amino acids are usually sourced from animals, but we have placed a lot of time and care into producing a high quality vegan amino acid supplement.

Free form essential amino acids are usually sourced from animals, as it is the easiest way to harvest small levels of the amino acids, our supplement, however, is sourced entirely from vegetables making it suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Capsule Shell: Vegetable Cellulose 120mg (suitable for Vegans)

  • Ingredients: per capsule: L-glutamic acid 75mg, L-glutamine 75mg, L-lysine 69mg, L-arginine 60mg, L-leucine 45mg, L-isoleucine 45mg, L-valine 44mg, Glycine 36mg, thionine 36mg,henylalanine 36mg, L-serine 36mg,threonine 30mg' L-tyrosine 30mg L-histidine 20mg, L-alanine 18mg, L-aspartic acid 15mg, L-proline 15mg, L-tryptophan 12mg, L-cysteine 3.7mg, 

  • Allergy Advicce: CONTAINS NO: gluten, lactose, wheat, artificial preservatives or colourings Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Approved kosher