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Life Start- dairy
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Description: A probiotic supplement specifically made for babies/infants. When a baby is first born it receives friendly bacteria in the Mother's milk that are specifically to kick start the baby's immune system and digestive system. Sometimes the mother cannot or chooses not to breast feed,  or the mother's diet is deficient, or the  mother is simply deficient in friendly bacteria herself or her body cannot easily make them. A poor diet can also cause a nursing mother more predisposed to these problems. In this case a probiotic supplement specifically for babies or infants may be useful.

Scientific name: Bifidobacterium Infantis

Supplement description: 35g powder,  Bifidobacterium infantis , NLS  1 billion cfu per 1/4 tsp = 1/2 gram, contains cows milk.

Health Benefits: Kick starts immune system and digestive function, helps with healthy weight gain,  improves nitrogen retention.

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