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Vitamin B3

(G&G Vitamins)
Vitamin B Group
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Description: Vitamin B3 is a vitamin in the B group has a role in blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, detoxification, production of adrenal hormones, production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, production of sex hormones and circulation.

Richest Food Sources: Yeast Extract, Liver, Peanuts, Paprika, Veal, Rice and Wheat Bran, Fish, Sesame Seeds, Sun Died Tomatoes, Bacon, Chicken.

Scientific Name:Niacin or Nicotinic Acid (Not to be confused with Nicotinamide, another form of this B Vitamin with different properties).

Supplement description: Niacin is available in 100mg and 500mg, 100 vegetarian caps.

Price:100mg: £9.36, 500mg: £13.78

Health benefits:Increased energy, circulation and better balanced cholesterol, improved blood sugar control.

Deficiency:Diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness and depression, swelling of the mouth. Even a slight deficiency can lead to irritability and anxiety.

Cautions: Niacin can cause a red flushing, itching and nausea. If this happens drink plenty of water and rest, it will pass within 20-30 mins. If this is severe or persists, cut back the amount you are taking. It is better to start on 100mg and work the dose up slowly.
Choose strength carefully, may cause hot flushing

As with any supplement, if you get an adverse reaction at the recommended daily intake stop taking it immediately as individual low tolerance levels or allergies cannot be predicted.

This product is intended as a "supplement", something added to the benefit of a healthy, balanced diet and is not intended to replace your normal food or to compensate for poor eating habits.

Always read the label, do not exceed the recommended dose, check with us if you have a known allergy before purchasing.

If you are on any form of prescribed medication, always check with your doctor before taking any health supplement. Our natural health supplements are not intended for the treatment of any disease, illness or medical condition, if you are sick please consult your doctor and get a professional diagnosis.